Meet the MFA candidates- Jason Schwab


Jason is a second year MFA candidate from Pennsylvania.  He received his bachelors degree from Kutztown University in Photography.  Although he primairly works with photography, he is focusing on expanding his art to involve video, installation and new media.  His work explores the disconnect between online and offline identity through the use of selfies.

Jason recently had a live performance via skype to Jahz Project Space in Los Angeles. Jason posted a video on Instagram and James Ruby Barsalou, the creator of Jahz, saw Jason’s post and started to talk to Jason, setting up this performance.


A Photograph of the space set up for the performance


The performance was around ten minutes and was projected onto an eight foot outdoor wall in Los Angeles.  Jason was filmed while he went through the process of constructing a selfie.



The view from the camera that was projecting onto the wall.


Jason would move from canvas to canvas and subtly change his clothes and props to emphasize the process involved in constructing an online social identity.


You can find more information on Jason and his artwork on his blog

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