2013 Visiting Artist Studio Visits


2014 MFA student Lexie Stoia having a studio visit with visiting artist Trenton Doyle Hancock


 Last semester, CCAD hosted a wide verity of visiting artists.  The MFA students were able to get studio visits with the majority of them.  Two first-year MFA students were particularly impressed by the quality of the studio visits.  

“I really valued Tracy Longley-Cook’s studio visit”, Nevin Price-Meader said, “It helped me figure out the direction I wanted to take with my semester’s work”.  Tracy Longley-Cook is a Dayton based photographer who came to CCAD in mid November. “I am very grateful to have had the visit with her”.

Nevin is now working with a Polaroid camera for “The Last Words Project” for this semester.  You can find more information on his website or his project’s Facebook page here


Jovanni Luna, another first year MFA had the same positive experience with the studio visits.  His most valued visit was with Cheryl Donegan.  “Although she didn’t work in the same medium as I do, she was able to provide helpful input for my work”.  Jovanni works with paint, and is continuing his use of layering this semester.  You can find mor information on him at his website

Both Jovanni and Nevin are in the upcoming show “Raw:Columbus Pixels” opening February 26th at 7:00pm.  More information can be found here.

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