Earcatcher, a series of experimental videos, was created by three CCAD MFA students in 2012.

In an interview with Lexie Stoia, she described Earcatcher’s beginnings, the motivations behind it, and the plans for the future.

Like many other group artworks, Earcatcher was conceived when Lexie and Linda Diec met over a drink after a critique.  Liz Roberts, another MFA who works with video, quickly became interested in the idea and Earcatcher was born.

Earcatcher has one main goal: To give sound the highest priority when creating a video.  All three of Earcatcher’s creators believe in this and have a specific job in the creation of Earcatcher videos.  Lexie creates the sound, Linda creates a concept based on that sound, and Liz creates a video based on that concept.  The sound is the genesis of the entire work.

The three originally wanted Earcatcher to be a physical periodical that would be mailed to its subscribers, but they quickly realized that release via Internet was more effective.  “The internet is more immediate” Lexie said, they could reach a wider audience quicker this way.

The future of Earcatcher is open.  Earcatcher is intended to be play, and morphing is a large component of the process.  The three are not thinking about an end destination with Earcatcher.  In the coming months, Lexie said that they are going to create a reel composed of the individual videos in order to submit Earcatcher to film festivals.

Earcatcher’s website can be found here

Links to the creator’s blogs:

Lexie Stoia

Liz Roberts

Linda Diec

Eye catching—–Ear catching—–Earcatcher.


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