MFA candidate Drew Wilson Teaches Art & Collaboration to ESL Students

Over the summer, Drew Wilson, a second year MFA candidate, taught art in a 5 week summer camp in Hayward Unified School District, hosted on the campus of Palma Ceia Elementary School in California. The students learned how to portray ideas through the creation of the mural project. The camp offered time for reading and writing, technology and art.

In art class, Drew not only taught the basics of how to hold a brush and paint, color theory, composition but also symbolism and how symbols can be chosen to represent ideas and identity in murals. Each day about 75 kids assisted Drew in the making of the mural. The camp was designed to help students in grades 4-7 who needed extra assistance with their English language acquisition. The art class focused on how objects can stand for a variety of meanings. Many of the students involved in the program came from a school district that had very little if any at all art programs. Teaching art in the summer camp gave the students a new outlook on how art can be a fundamental means of communication.

Drew's summer internship in Hayward, California. 6

“It was our job in the art class to come up with a mural to paint on the wall of the building nearest the playground. It needed to represent the students, the school and the surrounding community . . . and the idea of a journey across borders. The majority of the students come from households of parents that recently immigrated to the United States.” 


“They came out in groups to the playground and assisted me.  The mural was completed in about 3 weeks. I loved working with the kids and they really took pride in creating the mural. It was a great experience” —Drew Wilson 

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