Being Thankful


On Tuesday I walked into the MFA space and noticed there were a few items out of place in the kitchen, a fairly new bicycle and microwave were sitting there with a note. As I read through the note I was truly touched. The items were donated by Yang Wu, a recent alum. He was moving apartments and no longer needed them. Instead of selling the items he wanted to give them to the program because it had been like a second home to him and he wanted to give something that might help the students. In particular he felt the bicycle could benefit an international student because in his experience coming to the US with just two suitcases the purchase of the bicycle allowed for freedom to explore the city and get the items he needed quickly.

This time in the semester is always stressful, reviews are happening, projects are going into their final stages, studios are beginning to overflow it seems. Yang’s donation and his note reminded me that even though graduate study is challenging, it is also about this incredible community that fosters the students and helps them to grow. I am happy that for his two years of study Yang was able to call the MFA program his second home and family. And I am so thankful to be a part of this program.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Molly J. Burke
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies

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