Lulu and the MFA’s

There are many components about CCAD MFA’s Visual Arts New Projects program that make it special, unique and a challenging but rewarding experience, but our secret (or maybe not so secret) favorite is that we have an unofficial mascot and therapy dog.

Lulu! an American Pitbull Terrier is here in the studios almost every day.  She checks on the students, peeking her head into the space, doing a proper lean of encouragement and support when you sit on the couch with her after a challenging crit, running around with exuberance (somehow never stepping on the artwork or knocking anything over).  In general boosting moral and promoting happiness, and bonus she hugs you with her eyes!  Just make sure not to leave anything tasty on the coffee table or the floor…So here’s to Lulu! Helping graduate students make it through the week! (Follow Lulu on facebook,!)

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