Art Talks! Soup Talks! Spring 2015

Poster for ArtTalks

Ohio Winters! and the Spring Semester! It’s cold, chilly and grey outside.  What could be better than an artist talk with SOUP?? Not much, except maybe making artwork.

Several years ago the MFA program started the tradition of 1st year grad artists talks to push students to think about how they might present themselves during an artist talk to the general public.  Although there are just 3 short 15-20 minute presentations each week, it’s great professional practice for how to talk about your work and also see a multitude of ways that people present their work in quick format.  Since the talks happen during the lunch hour, we decided to throw soup into the equation.  This year it got even better since we are now alternating weeks with the faculty presenting their work.

If you are in the area, stop by and get some soup and hear about art and design!


1/29: Faculty to Faculty

2/5: Grad Student Series

2/12: Faculty to Faculty

2/19: Grad Student Series

2/26: Faculty to Faculty

3/5: Grad Student Series

3/12: Faculty to Faculty

3/26: Faculty to Faculty

4/2: Grad Student Series

4/9: Faculty to Faculty

4/16: Grad Student Series

First set of Faculty presentations, Tim Rietenbach

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