Mike Olenick – The Morgue of Memories

Mike Olenick will be showing his work, The Morgue of Memories from the Museum of Fauxtography in The Room at the Canzani Center at Columbus College of Art and Design.

Mike Olenick (b. 1978. Red Bank, NJ) is a visual artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Columbus, OH. He received his BFA in Media Studies from the Columbus College of Art & Design and his MFA in Photography from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. The first exhibition from the Museum of Fauxtography, “Indecisive Moments”, appeared at the Center for Ongoing Research & Projects in the fall of 2013. His most recent film, Red Luck, has won awards from the Slamdance Film Festival, the Chicago Underground Film Festival and the Haverhill Experimental Film Festival.

In this slide projector installation, Mike Olenick presents the second exhibition from his ongoing project the Museum of Fauxtography. Established in 2013, the museum documents, archives and exhibits fauxtographs: light sensitive images that are manufactured for and appear in motion pictures. This exhibition at CCAD, The Morgue of Memories, is group show of portraits containing work by fourteen unknown fauxtographers.






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