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Dalong Yang’s work is not linear. It is elastic. It is fine art and design seeping into one another. And in his latest project, “pop up,” Dalong (CCAD MFA 2015) and his collaborators prove once again that fine art and design pine for each other by perfectly executing a visual satire on the bane of any internet user’s existence – pop-up ads. These notorious click-bait advertisements attempt to take users to another cyber world, but try to do so by utilizing the most unconvincing techniques – poor design, pixelated photos, and arrangements of words that make you wonder if an actual human is even writing them. But Dalong’s photos, which mimic the aesthetic of these ads, don’t prompt you to quickly search for that little “x” in the corner. He and a team of stylists and designers created a series that makes a contemporary annoyance laughable, and most impressively, visually compelling. This series can be seen in Volume 1, Issue 3 of the digital magazine, refigural, for which Dalong is a regular contributor. The online publication aims to create content that presents current and everyday fashion, social, and art trends in a way that is unexpected, humorous, and most certainly not linear. See the rest of the photos here and explore even more at

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