Elena Harvey Collins and the Art of Words

“His works are like conversations: unfixed, rangy, and evolving,” writes Elena Harvey Collins (CCAD MFA 2012) on interdisciplinary sculptor Ben Hall.

After reading Elena’s most recent essays in MOCA Cleveland’s catalog for its How to Remain Human exhibition, one could easily say the same about her writing. Elena, a curatorial assistant at MOCA, deftly provides stimulating descriptions on a wide range of artists’ concepts including, but not limited to, consumerism, feminism, environmental surroundings, economic injustice, and rage towards government. Harvey Collins skillfully manages to form these substantial topics and the art paired with them into words that are not only vivid, but also, artistic in themselves.

Regarding d.a. levy’s poetry on his complicated relationship with Cleveland, she says,

“When I first stumbled across his work, it was as if someone had captured the from-the-ground-up weirdness and visual stabs that Cleveland gives on a daily basis; he saw the city critically, as an outsider would.”

In addition to her essays, the catalog also includes an interview between Elena and CCAD graduate faculty member, Carmen Winant, whose collage piece, A World Without Men, is currently on display in the exhibit. They discuss Carmen’s background as a long-distance runner, and how the trials of that experience influence her current studio practice.

Elena’s essays can be found in their entirety here. And to see the artwork that inspired them, be sure to check out How to Remain Human, on view until September 5.

Carmen Winant, 61 Minutes In Heaven, 2012. Courtesy of mocacleveland.org

Carmen Winant, 61 Minutes in Heaven, 2012. Courtesy of mocacleveland.org.

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