Woodrow Hinton III is Making It

“Making it” is a phrase made up of two small words with big possibilities. Put more accurately, endless possibilities. Every individual has his or her own idea of what this phrase means. So in a world, specifically the art world, that is unsympathetic, full of doubt, and where “it” has no definite meaning, how does an artist know if she or he is “making it?”

Woodrow Hinton III (CCAD MFA alumni 2012) and his friend, director Tony Moorman, decided three years ago to begin examining this question by creating a documentary film. Written by Hinton and released on February 17, 2015, Making It is an honest look at the differing but universal struggles that construct the journey of being an artist. So universal, in fact, that it’s making quite a splash amongst artists around the globe.

In the latest issue of Hi-Fructose magazine (Vol. 36), critic Mike Mariani praises the film for its truthfulness and accuracy. Mike writes,

“What Moorman and Hinton’s film goes on to show us, with a matter-of-fact tone that never glorifies or sentimentalizes, is how the life of the self-employed artist is an eternal hustle, a life of precarious stability that may be more exposed to the caprices of Lady Fortune than any other vocation.”

Throughout the film, many different artists from all experience levels speak freely about the uncomfortable aspects the artist lifestyle. But although there is no sparing of gritty details, there is still plenty of inspiration to be found. Perhaps most clearly shown in the obvious necessity of sharing experiences. In the beginning of the film Woodrow states, “The point of this movie for me, it’s selfish. I want to be able to reflect on my journey as an artist and who I am, and that’s impossible to do from yourself.”

Find out more information or purchase Making It here!

And don’t forget – check out the rest of Hi-Fructose’s review of the movie in their current issue!

Hi-Fructose Magazine spread. Photo source https://www.facebook.com/410414395698820/photos/pb.410414395698820.-2207520000.1437509811./872378679502387/?type=3&theater

Hi-Fructose Magazine spread. Photo source here.

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