Ohio Art League Announces Kim Webb as Director

Ohio knows the value of creativity. This year, Columbus, OH was ranked as the sixth best place for creative professionals to live in the United States*. Fittingly, the capital city is the base of the state’s longest running non-profit organization, The Ohio Art League. And just as fittingly, CCAD MFA alumnus Kim Webb has been selected as OAL’s new director.

Kim is no stranger to the world of creative organizations. Over the past ten years she has managed the downtown Fresh A.I.R. Gallery, been an exhibition preparator at the Columbus Museum of Art and the Wexner Center, served as an educator at various institutions, and curated a long list of exhibits. In addition, Kim also actively holds her own successful studio and academic research practice. She has shown her work in a multitude of shows nationwide, been a recipient of many artist grants, and earlier this year was selected for the Can Serrat Artist Residency in Barcelona, Spain.

It has not been proven that she sleeps.

But whether it is sleepless nights or a secret superpower, her knack for success has graced The Ohio Art League at the perfect time. The organization is currently going through an exciting period of change. This fall, they plan to open a new space able to be utilized for exhibitions and their artist community events. Kim recently stated, “I am confident in my abilities to assist the organization in realizing its potential.”

We are too, Kim.

To learn more about Kim visit her website here, and to learn more about the Ohio Art League or become a member click here!

*Study by financial institution, SmartAsset

“Grit” by Kim Webb 2014

“Flammable” by Kim Webb 2014

“Shit is Real” by Kim Webb 2014

“Shit is Real” detail by Kim Webb 2014

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