Chris Harman and All That Glass

Since graduating from CCAD’s MFA program in 2012, Chris Harman has not only continued sharing his glass knowledge and talent with the school community, but with the international glass world as well.

Last summer, Chris was the Teaching Assistant for Ryo Sekino’s Beauty in Utility class at the internationally recognized Pilchuck Glass School. The glassblowing class centralized on the idea that in the most successful pieces, design and function are always harmoniously united.

Shortly after that, Chris’s work was shown in The Contemporary Glass Society’s exhibition, Out of Town, Open USA: 43 American Glass Artists in Kingswinford, England.

This year, Chris was invited to Pilchuck once again to assist in teaching Metaphorically Contained with Kazuki Takizawa. Students were asked to consider the possibilities of what glass vessels can conceptually hold.

Here in Columbus, Chris has been serving as the Glass Department Coordinator and an adjunct instructor at CCAD. He creates the curriculum for beginning, intermediate, and advanced glass practices, all while managing the facilities. His management style is the definition of hands-on. Recently, Chris entirely rebuilt his department’s furnace. And his talents are easy to recognize- he was recently the recipient of a CCAD Faculty Development Grant.

Chris can also be found lecturing at OSU and Kent State University. And of course, he can be found in the glass studio constantly making work. Since 1993, Harman has had a love affair with the art of glass, and there are no signs of that love, or his furnace, cooling off anytime soon.

Be sure to check out more of Chris’s work at!

Chris Harman

Chris Harman

Chris Harman

Chris Harman

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