Kim Roush and Jovanni Luna at ArtPrize Seven

For the next two and a half weeks, downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, will live as a mammoth art gallery. ArtPrize, now in its seventh year, is an international art competition that presents more than $500,000 in grants and awards. This year, 1,550 artworks will be shown throughout 162 venues. CCAD is proud to say that two of those artworks belong to MFA 2015 alumni Kimberly Roush and Jovanni Luna!

Over the past few weeks, Kim and Jovanni have been working hard to install their pieces in what has been called, “the most attended public art event in the world,” by The Art Newspaper. Last year alone, it drew nearly half a million attendees.

Fortunately, we’ll know exactly how to navigate the masses in order to find our MFA family.

Kim’s installation, Altered, will be shown at the Calvin Coolidge (106) Gallery. This particular exhibition, curated with ten other artists, is called Weighing the Landscape. Anyone familiar with Kim’s work can immediately recognize how fitting this title is. As her artist statement says –

“This work is a collection of skeleton leaves. Assembled clusters of flowing forms that fill up a somewhat quiet space, allowing the viewers to spend time with the work. With the intentions of leaving those who experience it with notions of fragility and instilling ideas of impermanence and temporality. The skeletonization of these leaves began with a broken tree branch. Selected, sorted, boiled, rinsed, rinsed again, left to decompose, scraped, chemically altered, rinsed, then rinsed again, and dried. When the work is encountered, turbulence is created. If we are still, the leaves settle. In quiet moments, reflecting on our surroundings, the realization of how much everything is altered becomes significant. Chemically changed. Scattered fragments, remnants of what once was, shadows of the degraded landscape.”

Kim installing Altered

Kim installing Altered



Less than five minutes away from Kim, Jovanni’s installation can be found at Spiral. His piece, The Sculptural Painting, is included in the show, Painting inFORMed. This exhibit is centered on the idea of showcasing the classical medium of paint in contemporary forms. Jovanni’s statement reads,

“Instinctual repetitive actions of layering, cutting and rolling the paint, course throughout this work. Each additional layer of material obscuring the actions before it, allowing only subtle cues to be seen in the end: hints of color, gentle textures, subtle brush strokes. I consciously determine the layout of each piece, a simplistic look from afar and a complex design up close. The final object need not objectively be determined a painting, sculpture, or installation; rather the work is about the laborious and tender process.”

The Sculptural Painting

The Sculptural Painting

The Sculptural Painting

The Sculptural Painting

Best of luck to them!

Kim and Jovanni’s ArtPrize profiles can be found here:

And to find out more about ArtPrize, visit

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