Fuse Factory 2015 Juried Exhibition Features John Cairns and Erek Nass

CCAD MFA students and faculty love using integrative process in their studio practices. It’s kind of our thing – which is why we’re so happy to have organizations like The Fuse Factory here in Columbus. Serving as a not-for-profit initiative, The Fuse Factory is an active art and technology lab that is driven by the understanding that artistic innovation can be cultivated by research and experimentation. In addition, they also provide many opportunities for artists – including an annual juried exhibition. This year, the exhibit examines the theme of INTERVENTIONS, “featuring artists’ works that examine how scientific methodology intervenes between art and science,” as well as technology. We are excited and proud to say that Erek Nass (CCAD MFA 2015) and John Cairns (CCAD Graduate Admissions Counselor and MFA faculty) are two of this year’s participating artists! The show is located at the Pearl Conrad Art Gallery at The Ohio State University at Mansfield, and runs through October 30. The exhibition will hold a closing reception that same day from 7-9pm. Read John and Erek’s artist statements below, and for more information visit http://fuse2015.thefusefactory.org/.

“Blast Off, a one minute digital video edited in After Effects and Photoshop. The video features footage from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980) with ripple effects signifying the turbulent cultural climates during the launch of Apollo 11; the ripples also speak about the effects of that particular moment in the space program creating consumer technology for years to come. The video footage is slowed down to match the amount of time of the countdown of the launch bringing up comparisons between the reality of the launch and conspiracy theories about a fictitious space program. Blast Off is a digital looping video at 720p and is displayed on a flat screen LED TV that is mounted on the wall at viewing height.” – John Cairns

A still from

A still from “Blast Off” by John Cairns.

“On February 11, 1800, European astronomer William Herschel noticed an anomaly while measuring the temperature of the color spectrum created by sunlight through a glass prism. A thermometer acting as a control, placed just outside the band of color, was a warmer temperature. Herschel had discovered infrared light, a form of light not visible to the human eye. This discovery revealed a doorway into an entire spectrum of electromagnetic light, of which humans can only perceive a small portion through the unaided senses.
Two years of experimentation with the materials of light and water have led to personal discoveries into the limits of perception. I have developed a creative practice in finding new ways to visually communicate these limits. The revelation of these limits provide a liminal space to consider what lays beyond them. The piece listed in this entry, Circles of Confusion, comes from a broader range of experiments in which I took a basic scientific law, light travels in a straight line, and looked for ways to utilize this law to speak to the poetic.  How does an immutable law speak to our mutable existence?  I have enlisted oppositional forces in attempting to answer this question – natural and manufactured materials, light and shadow, flat and dimensional, analog and digital technology.”- Erek Nass

A preview of

A preview of “Circles of Confusion” by Erek Nass

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