2nd Year Reviews: Victoria Lavorini by Jing He

At first I feel I am entering another person’s secret garage, or workshop, with stacks of memories and dust. Not like the neat living room where all the fancy furniture is ready to be shown off to the guests, pretending to be perfect. Victoria Lavorini’s collages speak in her own language, or we may say, code – a frank poem about her reality and being. It’s not about finding any significance in the images of, for example, the dog shows or reality TV stars. It’s the being that is created with the combination of them being put together with her contour lines on the back of the old carpets. With the soft side facing the wall, we face the rough texture and the seemingly scratched images. A contradictory feeling between preciousness and outcast memories meant to be forgot, between idiotic and profound, is aroused.

Victoria Lavorini is in her second year of the MFA program at the Columbus College of Art & Design. She currently interns in a local gallery. Yet I still consider her to be a freelance artist. Her works have entered various shows and exhibitions including the Ohio State Fair Fine Art Exhibition.

As an outsider to American culture, I don’t know the TV characters in those images. And I may experience the text and poem that Victoria wrote quite differently. But I get a feeling of fragment. I feel there might be some popular culture which is considered shallow and humorous. The fact that they are merged with the back of the carpet gives me a feeling that the work is private and mysterious, like somebody tore the old carpet from a secret room and found an older family member’s teenage life.

I have to mention Victoria’s work from last semester: a room constructed of carpet and drawings. The use of carpet went crazy and all over the space. I loved the feeling when I walked in there. It was warm and intimate. These feelings were actually my illusion. The way Victoria constructed the room really alienated the space from the world outside of it. Along with her line drawing, a space from a sort of black fairy tale, had been created in my psyche. It was alive, like I had been inside a living monster’s organ, or the artist’s mental world.

To me, another great thing about Victoria’s art is that she has been experimenting a lot, yet I always feel a strong consistency among her works. I enjoy her strong artistic style in her drawings, collages, and the way she uses carpet. It is so unique, private, so Victoria Lavorini.

To learn more about Victoria’s work and her process please visit http://www.victorialavorini.com/blog/

As part of the second-year graduates’ Thesis Projects I course, candidates were each assigned two of their cohort to review. As students begin writing their thesis papers and constructing artist statements, this review process proves to be beneficial twofold. Students not only exercise their written critique skills, but are able to read about their own project from other voices. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting these reviews, so be sure to visit regularly for insights and photos of the second years’ progress!

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