2nd Year Reviews: Sunil Ketty by Keith Richner

Sunil Ketty is an educator and design professional. With a background in graphic design, illustration, and 3d modeling in the gaming industry, his experience has very much equipped him to tackle concepts and designs for an up and coming market referred to as wearables. Wearables (wearable technology) is the merging of traditional clothing items and accessories with state of the art functionality via microprocessors and RFID chip technology.

For the most part, wearable technology to this point interfaces with a smart phone in order to track global position, steps, heart rate and other useful bits of information for the user. In order for the current generation of wearables to be useful, they must be tethered to a primary device. Sunil is interested in the abolishing of this dependence on a primary device. He has designed a set of headphones that will do away with the need for a traditional smart phone or mp3 player in order to enjoy your music by connecting his headphones directly to the cloud.

Basically, his headphones are the primary device, and they will stream music directly from a personal cloud. Imagine being able to go for a run and not having to worry about a smart phone in your pocket falling out? Or a velcro arm strap cutting off your circulation? The headphones are the equivalent of a portable jukebox comfortably resting on your ears. Along with this functionality is perhaps a more unique feature. The headphones will be fitted with flex screen technology in order to quickly change their appearance. Interfacing the headphones with a smart phone will allow the user to snap a picture of their plaid tie, for example, and upload the texture to their headphones creating a seamlessly perfect match across the surfaces. So not only are the headphones a breakthrough for music lovers, they are also a customizable fashion accessory.

The integration of technology with fashion and health monitoring is a burgeoning industry. Entrepreneurs across the globe are attempting to fit this new technology into every object imaginable. Sunil’s foray into this industry is an exciting and inspirational venture into the unknown.

To learn more about Sunil’s work and his process please visit http://www.themisfitsaints.com/apps/blog/

As part of the second-year graduates’ Thesis Projects I course, candidates were each assigned two of their cohort to review. As students begin writing their thesis papers and constructing artist statements, this review process proves to be beneficial twofold. Students not only exercise their written critique skills, but are able to read about their own project from other voices. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting these reviews, so be sure to visit regularly for insights and photos of the second years’ progress!

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