Alumni Spotlight: Nicki Crock

Nicki Crock graduated from the first class of the CCAD MFA program in 2012. Since then, she has shown solo at ROYGBIV and Wild Goose Creative, and in group exhibitions at the Huntington Museum of Art, the Riffe Gallery, the Sweetwater Center for the Arts, and various other venues. Her latest and largest solo installation is Dream House, which was recently on view at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

We recently caught up with Nicki to hear more about Dream House, where she is now, and what sparks the concepts behind her work:

“Most of my artwork comes out of a nomadic period I went through in my late teens and early twenties. I’m semi-settled now in Columbus, but that period of transition and the contrast in stability I have now sparked an interest in what the idea of home and community means, and those themes make up the basis of my art practice.

I make art about domestic spaces, transformation and the search for home. I tell the stories of place and change using both found and constructed materials, examining the elements of home, house and community with several different mediums including sculpture, installation, and performance.

My newest installation is a literal play on the term, ‘dream house.’ A dream house is something to aspire to and long for, and what better form could a daydream take shape in, than with something that we, as humans, already use to fulfill our imaginations: a cloud.

I wanted to create a space in the gallery that would feel weightless and dreamlike, replicating cloud shapes and landscape in paper to create a dreamscape with models of houses that I’ve coveted perched throughout.”


*All photos courtesy of the artist.

To see more of Nicki’s work please visit!

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