MFA student Sanwal Deen Creates unique, thoughtful designs for internship

CCAD MFA 2nd year student Sanwal Deen spent his summer interning at Ologie. Sanwal has a very thoughtful design quality to his work. 

His work has to remain somewhat confidential but he does tell me that, “I also worked on the identity for a university. For the identity system, I played with the idea of grids. I used what is called the “Sacred Grid,” which is the grid used in creating symbols like the Christian cross or the Hebrew star or the muslim crescent, and all other ancient theological iconography. Using the grid, I created a logo and a complete identity system with Icons and layout design.”

Some of his work may be exhibited in September in Pakistan at a place called “Hunerkada”

Here are some images that he created this summer:


Sanwal also created the Identity system for a fitness center to be opened in Pakistan in January 2017! What a productive Summer!


What Sanwal tells me about the motivation of this design is, “ Statistically speaking “reps” is the word most consistently used in a Gym, hence we settled on it. For the identity, I played on the idea of body temperature; with each additional “rep” during an exercise, our body temperature becomes hotter. So the logo keeps on changing depending on the temperature. Using Arduino, I built a temperature sensor that is attached to the machines in the gym so that, for example if a person has set a goal to run 10 minutes on a treadmill, the more the run, the more the temperature map rises to the optimum heat level as displayed on an LCD display. The logo itself also changes based on the heat map as sensed by the Arduino computer. In print material, the logo is printed with chromogenic ink, so it changes with temperature. This design aesthetic is carried over in everything.”

So not only is his design bold and a statement, but it functions in a multi-purposeful way.

We love to see what our students have been up to during the Summer!  Great to see all of this Sanwal! 

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