CCAD MFA students spotlighted for Franklinton Friday!

Kat Francis had a solo show at Franklinton Arts District Space and William Arnold had a partner show with CCAD alumni Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve at the artist residency Second Sight!

Both Kat and William are second year MFA students that will be graduating this Spring from the program. Also, both students focus on the urban landscape.

Kat Francis’ show “The Rustbelt”  features work she has created during her time at CCAD.


This body of work was focused on the urban landscape and the history of change.

“Living in lower middle class neighborhoods and adapting to many different cultural experiences within each of those neighborhoods, I have focused my work on the experience of place. For this series, I am portraying Columbus’ Weinland park neighborhood for the history, its change, the community and my experience. I found this particular area interesting because of its unforgivable change from section 8 housing, families, crime and small businesses; to now college housing and expensive rentals. Additionally, I focus on the abandonment of factories and import productivity throughout the rust belt. As I’ve been recreating this area by rebuilding, drawing and painting; my surroundings have been altered drastically and have even undergone demolition. This is my “Rust Belt series” focused on the urban landscape and it’s victimization to gentrification, change in culture and community”

William Arnold and Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve are both photographers. This show was called “To be Placed” located at Second Sight artist residency.


To Be Placed explores the personal narrative behind the landscape image. W.E. Arnold approaches his subject in a street documentary style, capturing the environment he is continuously surrounded by, along with those who share in this space. With his style of documentation along with incorporating portraiture, he is capturing and preserving cultural significance within his community. Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve captures her surrounding landscapes as a means of self-portraiture, creating images that reinterpret various memories. When creating these landscape portraits, the changes of self are reflected on to the changes of the environment. While Arnold and Holdgreve have different approaches to capturing their imagery, their use of photographic techniques are similar, using various films such as medium format and instant films, along with found imagery.


Both shows will be up until November 7th, 2016 .

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