The MFA Call/Response Show

Visiting artist Sarah Mattes introduced to us a fun art show idea called Call/ Response.

Here’s the premise…Students create a piece of work, then each piece is hung and numbered (no name listed), then at the opening you draw a number out of a hat and also find out who made which piece.

But there’s another part to it- each artist makes a response piece to the artist they pulled. A week later there is a second show to exhibit all the response artworks across from the original pieces. Each artist went home with two pieces of artwork…. We absolutely loved it! What a generous, fun and great time this event was… Thanks Sarah!! So happy to have you here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here is Sarah’s illustrated instruction on how the show works:


And here are some of the original and response pieces from the show:

Elham Bayati                                                                           response piece: Erica Rodney


Kelli Williams                                                                           response: Yuanyuan Hua

Kat Francis                                                                            response: Vincent Alexander

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