September is reaching its end, and the promise of October’s spooky and festive fun is right around the corner! And with it comes the event many artists all over the world know and love: Inktober.

A time of the year all artists can enjoy, Inktober is all about, well, ink! Whether it’s digital, ballpoint, or via calligraphy pen, creative people of all disciplines can take part in the annual event. No fees – just pick up your pen, and draw. It’s all about challenging yourself as an artist, and enhancing your drawing skills.

Every year, – the event’s official site – compiles a list of prompts you can use as inspiration for the drawings you create. Here’s this year’s!


Now, the artist who created and began this event, Jake Parker, states that even though the site offers a prompt for each day of October, artists are more than welcome to switch them up or even exchange them for others! Whatever helps you create your story, your work, Inktober welcomes you to do it. But Parker brings up an interesting point.

“…the cool thing about following the prompt list in order is seeing what everybody creates on the same day using the same prompt and how much variety and creativity there is inside of a single word.”
(See in the Inktober FAQ page)

Something to think about, for sure!

Inktober prides itself in also keeping few rules – even considering them to be more like guidelines than anything else. The only one that’s absolute, is the point of the event itself: use ink! As mentioned before, the point of the event is to hone your own skills. But it’s also a chance to share that skill by showing it to others! Rule number two on the site says ‘post it’. This could be on your own site, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you want your drawing seen! As long as you’re sharing what you’ve created, it doesn’t matter – it could even be posted on your own refrigerator!

But if you post your Inktober drawings online, they do ask that you give it a little hashtag. Simply paste #inktober and #inktober2018, so others can look into the event, and the people running it can see you’re participating. Then once that’s done, you just repeat the process the next day!

Simple, right?

This event is incredibly fun, and though it offers no real incentive, it’s a great challenge to work on. It’s also pretty fantastic seeing all of the amazing work other artists all over the world create for it as well!

So, check it out! Go to the link below, and take a look at the prompts, and see even more on what this event is all about. It’s worth it!
Good luck to all who choose to participate! And happy inking!

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