The Animation Center is Open!


As we’re certain all of you already know, the new Animation Center at Design Studios on Broad (DSB) just held its grand opening on campus this week! It’s an exciting time for everyone, and is sure to be a most valuable asset to CCAD and its students.

Animators of all types will find that the Cloyd Family Animation Center provides every tool they need – 2D, 3D, experimental, even an entire stop motion lab! You’ll also find the brand new Cintiq and virtual reality labs to be just as jaw-dropping. It’s a whole new world, and one packed to the brim with tech, space, and immeasurable opportunity – to be used, enjoyed, and experimented with by every student here.

Come in and see what’s been dubbed as the ‘Hall of Fame’ by some – a long hallway filled with posters, showing a plethora of films and other animated features worked on by some of the best out there! And turning to your left after viewing this inspiring hall, you’ll see this window:


A literal window that speaks to the potential future animation students can all appreciate – a reminder of the fact that we’re sharing the exact same building as Ohio Film Group, a potential employer! It also serves as a subtle reminder for everyone in animation of what we’re working towards. The goals we’re trying to achieve, and the careers we hope to one day attain. Just being in the animation center itself is a crucial step as we all continue our education as part of those goals!

There is so much more here that hasn’t been mentioned, but it’s definitely recommended that – even if you aren’t majoring in animation – you pay a visit to the Cloyd Family Animation Center. See all of the amazing things already happening here, and spread the word! The center is open, and is ready to welcome the next generation of great animators!

To learn more, visit the CCAD page about the animation center here:

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