Student Highlight: Quintin Gleim


Among the 2nd years in the MFA program, Quintin is an individual that stands out. Here is a graduate whose technique and attention to detail is flawless – his paintings speak for themselves.

Although he often refers to his work as “nerd art”, his pieces leave many with their jaws on the floor. Each one tells a story, or supports a larger one – often focusing on subjects of fantasy and sci-fi…or even a mix of the two!

While painting is definitely his specialty, Quintin is very talented in the digital world of art as well. He often pre-composes his pieces on the computer via Photoshop and other painting softwares, determining where his characters and objects will go, as well as how the piece will be shaded and textured.

One can almost always find this spectacular artist in his studio at DSB. He embodies the idea of living in one’s work, and spends most of his free time working hard!



Be sure to check out his work! You can find even more of it on his website!

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