Student Highlight: Marcela Pinheiro


Now here is an artist whose warm personality and positive energy should certainly brighten  anyone’s day! Meet Marcela Pinheiro, a first-year graduate student here at CCAD who specializes in visual narratives. This is her first semester, but already this go-getter is hard at work!


Marcela completed her undergraduate studies in Brazil, but thanks to a scholarship, was able to fulfill her dream of pursuing her artistic career further. So she made her way to CCAD, and began to show everyone just why it was she earned that scholarship.


Through vibrant colors, fun characters, and wonderful storytelling, Marcela hopes to connect others – to give people something they can share and enjoy together.

We think it’s working pretty well so far!

So keep your eyes on this one. She’ll be sure to impress you even more in the future! You can find her working hard in her studio, or mingling with her fellow grads – smiling wide and enjoying life. Be sure to meet her and see her amazing art!



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