Student Highlight: Janelle Bonfour-Mikes


Janelle Bonfour-Mikes is a current 2nd year graduate at CCAD whose work focus on themes of the  reclamation of agency through grotesque self portraiture and psychosis. She graduated from Ohio University with degree in Modern Dance Performance , a minor in Women & Gender Studies with a focus in sexuality. With her move to CCAD , her work took a shift from purely physical dance performance to time and contemporary based works. Her work takes a variety of forms through video, performance, installation and photography.

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Photo by Alissa Ohashi

A typical day in the studio for Janelle starts with physical movement. A small workout that include Pilates and yoga helps Janelle get focused and ready for her intense studio sessions. You can often find her on her studio floor, her body covered in glitter, reading feminist articles and books, shifting through materials and photos. She often makes different  music playlists for each project, to help with the overall mood. The goal of her work is to leave her audience  with a visceral and unique experience.  Janelle says that ” Once (the piece) leaves my hands, it’s no longer mine.” The audience has full control on the meaning and their emotions to the work.

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Photo by Alissa Ohashi

Janelle is now working on her thesis project which is a 60 hour long conceptual performance that borders the line between dream and nightmare. It’ll be shown at the Graduating MFA Thesis Show starting on April 5th and will continue throughout the exhibition run.



One response to “Student Highlight: Janelle Bonfour-Mikes

  1. Is the thesis show open to the public? This seems extremely interesting to me and would love to see some of the performance.

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