Soup Talk: Jessica Durant, Phil Weasley & Trevin Wyant


Every other Thursday starting  January 31st, CCAD MFA host Soup Talks. These lunch time talks give a chance to 1st year candidates to do small artist presentations about their work. Along with the talks the program provides a lunch of soup, bread and refreshments. This Thursday, MFA 1st years Jessica Durant, Phil Weasley and  Trevin Wyant will present!

jessica durant

Jessica Durant

Jessica Durant is a illustration, comics and storyboard artist. To start her projects she looks to as she says  ” (the) process behind comics such as layout and referencing.” Currently she is working on her book series SelfSame,  which is about a college student who gets a haunted by a ghost. The main character then goes two bartenders who seem like they can help him get rid of his problem.


phil (6 of 15)

Phil Weasley

Phil Weasley is a mixed media  artist working in sculpture and installation. Wesley describes his process as,

“I am exploring the nature of queerness and the uncanny through my artwork by creating pieces which reveal the hidden nature of our internal spaces. These spaces may be emotional, mental, spiritual or physical and create a visceral reaction within the viewer. Although my work often has hyper-realistic qualities to it, most often memory is the primary tool utilized to make my artwork successful.”

This semester Weasley is making a series of small sculptures at play into hyper realism and the bizarre/uncanny to form a large scale installation that interacts with space and the audience.


trevin wyant

Trevin Wyant

Trevin Wyant is a 2D artist who works in various mediums such as ink ,pastels and charcoal. Trevin focuses on what he describes as ” Work (that) explores the associations and manifestations of human psychological concepts- such as fear- by means of surrealist dark imagery.” This semester Trevin is working on a series of narrative drawings that may come to a form of installation or a large scale comic.


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