Countdown to Thesis

We are only a few short weeks away from the graduating  MFA thesis show Replacing the Sun? Starting this week we are going to give quick sneak peeks of  2nd year MFA candidate’s work to get ready for the big show! This week we are looking at  Danielle Wells!

In my work, I abstract moments from my everyday life. These moments are quiet, mundane, and occurring inside of my home. I currently live in a 550 square foot one-bedroom apartment that I share with my fiancé and our cat. In this project, I am challenging myself to create a 16-piece mixed media painting that is also 550 square feet. The sections of the final piece will be hung side-by-side, and they will flow together to depict layered imagery of spaces and objects inside of the apartment. In abstracting these mundane facets of my everyday life with paint and mixed media, I contend with the apartment as a holding space for not only the body, but also for the mind and for the self.

                                                            ~ Danielle Wells





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