Soup Talk: Autumn Cadle, Kayleigh Fogle & Chris Ryan

Happy Valentines Day! We hope you week is going swell and you are enjoying your valentines candies and chocolates! Speaking of Valentines, We here at CCAD MFA will be providing valentines day treats and soup for our Soup Talk  on the 14th!  This week we are looking at 1st year artists Autumn Cadle, Kayleigh Fogle and Chris Ryan!


Autumn Cadle


Autumn Cadle creates site-specific pieces that respond to space and the surrounding architecture. The work is an attempt to find beauty in the quiet, mundane spaces of life. Currently she is working with public spaces such as parks and seeing how audiences interact with her work.

Kayleigh Fogle

Fogle_Kayleigh_Comfort_In_Company - Kayleigh Fogle

Kayleigh Fogle’s work focuses on expression of personal comfort through digitally-fabricated spaces. Fogle brings these small worlds to life in exploratory video games, virtual reality environments, and sculpted figurines. This semester she working on a virtual space called “Thorn Village”. Fogle is developing it in Unity, with the goal of building a comfortable 3D environment for viewers to experience in virtual reality (VR).


Chris Ryan

Chris Guillot Ryan is interested in the inter-subjective processes of reality construction. She has been working in mixed media painting, video collage, and live multimedia moving image collaborations, and is currently exploring immersive media techniques with full dome media (planetarium), 360 video and VR environments.


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