Student Highlight: Phil Weasley


If your taste in art involves a combination of the dark, whimsical, and downright intriguing, look no further than sculptor and installation artist Phil Weasley. This brilliant artist is a first-year MFA student at CCAD who has already created jaw dropping and bewildering work that speak to a truly unique, creative mind.

Weasley is currently between projects, and is developing his next installation – a conglomeration of flesh-like pieces that are meant to both repel and draw in his viewers, who he says are most welcome to touch and interact with them. He claims that his work, while meant to be a grotesque and macabre display, is also meant to offer some humor. Some human aspect. This fine line the pieces walk on is hoped to trigger not just an unsettling feeling, but a strange sense of comfort as well. Phil even has plans to create a large-scale quilt made from material representing human skin!

Phil is most definitely an artist to keep an eye on. If you’re ever interested in learning more about his work, or meeting the man behind the project, be sure to stop by his studio in DSB!


You can also learn more on his blog in the link below:

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