Countdown to Thesis 2.25

There’s only about 5 weeks left until the CCAD MFA Thesis show Replacing The Sun? ! This week we are looking at Quentin Gleim! Stay tuned, there will be more 2nd year showcases to come!


“No one knew.

No one could know, when the first of the Pillars fell; when civilization teetered, or when it finally came to an end.

Centuries passed. The records lost.

At least— that’s what we’d been told.”

Hundreds of years in the future— on an Earth now filled with goblins, elves, and even dinosaurs— a young woman must seek the help of mysterious beings and risk losing everything in order to save her dying brother.

This is the story of Tetra a 240 page visual novel, currently in progress. Eight oil paintings and 120 sketches represent how the finished book might look.

~Quintin Gleim













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