Soup Talk: Felicia Peppers, Lauren Mitro, and Shannon West

Hello! We hope that everyone is getting ready for spring and blasting through midterms! This week for Soup Talks, we will be listening to Felicia Peppers, Lauren Mitro and Shannon West! Come on by and enjoy some delicious soup and amazing art!


FP Design Collection Presentation

Felicia Peppers

“The project I’m using is a form of mix media, mostly comprised of hand paintings, drawings, fabric and computer/digital components. My background is a textile, CAD, graphic artist in the fashion industry. Now I’m able to create my own, original textile and graphic designs and develop my own apparel and home decor collections that is uplifting and inspiring especially for women and girls of color.”


Lauren Mitro

Lauren Mitro

“I’m realizing that my work is more about the relationship between materials, surfaces and connections. It’s about the way paint moves from one fold of canvas to the next, always in flux, and always with water. It’s about connection to the things all around you, and the connection to me, as the artist, and the things that are guiding me to paint in this certain way. Music, previous travels, the books I’m reading – all of this comes through in my work, whether I’m the only one that notices it or not.”



Shannon West

Shannon West

Shannon West is exploring the idea of identity, feminism and fertility through the use of the female form, industrial materials and color.



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