Soup Talk: Randi Chen, Carla Ison & Mike Reynolds

Spring has officially started and we couldn’t be happier! True it’s still a little cold here in Columbus but it’s the hope that flowers will be blooming and the sun will actually provide some warmth. This beautiful spring week for soup talks we will be talking to 1st years, Randi Chen, Carla Ison and Mike Reynolds. Enjoy the new season and come have some soup with us!


Randi Chen

Randi Chen is a animator. She has worked in many forms of animation  such as 2D, 3D  and game art over the past few years. Her focus at CCAD MFA  is 3D technology and how it can influence her current work in animation.  Randi’s work is often rooted in fantasy,  dreamy imagery with a  sweet and childlike narrative.
This year Randi is working on an 3D animation DayDream which is about a  young boy’s journey in the dream world.


Carla Ison

2018-10-23 09.27.55.jpg


Carla Ison is a 3D artist working in clay sculpture. Her work reflects the connection between the body and the land. Her work is inspired by the history and geology of the earth and land-forms.

“The conceptual stage of my process is exciting. My passion for research and my love of working with the clay collide and seem to simultaneously form the concepts for a new body of work. Something surprising always emerges. Often spiritual components or themes form with the other ideas.”

This semester Carla is working  from research of the ancient geological history of the Appalachian Mountains where her ancestors are from. She  blends a frenzy of color from her textile collection with dark intaglio and collagraph to represent the complexity of the region. In addition to this project, she is working on a braided social art project, “Knot Alone, Tied Together” to incorporate cultural traditions.



Mike Reynolds


“I am attempting to show the relationship between both humans and technology, more specifically the idea that humans are innately flawed so are their inventions, no matter how power the tools are. I will be creating sculptures that reflect this idea from metals and a variety of other materials found in the modern technology that humans utilize in the modern age.”

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