Soup Talks: Wei Ling Chang, Rebekah Curtis & Bhaskar Kathroju

It’s finally starting to warm up a little and the flowers and buds are starting to bloom. Although the air is not as cold as it was last week, it’s still nice to have a cup of soup! In CCAD MFA  Soup Talks this week we will be listening to 1st years Wei Ling Chang, Rebekah Curtis, & Bhaskar Kathroju!


Wei Ling Chang

Wei Ling Chang, is a mixed media  artist currently working in painting and collage work.

“I am always self-conscious about being othered in a place that I was not born in

My work is about discovering my identity through collage and installation.  During my practice, I keep questioning myself how it appeals in my work? The work reflects the emotional, dimension aspects of identity.

Using themes from my first semester,  I will make my work a larger collage piece than ever before. I also trying a unique way to install my work using symbols to investigate what is being self-othering is about.”


Rebekah Curtis

“I work in painting, sculpture and mixed media (the in between). I am currently focusing on control and the lack of it, what is by chance and responding to it.”



Bhaskar Kathroju

“From childhood I had a passion for drawing and painting. Right after my under graduate, I joined Publication Company as an illustration artist and continued working there till I came to the USA. I always aspired to do a master’s in arts in painting as my major. I got  this opportunity through CCAD. The project I chose to do is child labor, which is a high intense socio-cultural problem across the world.

I will be focusing more on Asian child labor and will quote the examples from India. I emphasize visual art methodology by transforming photo images into art form by adding acrylic paints on canvas.  Initially,  I thought of paintings showing child labor across the world and realized through my first and second critiques that it’s a vast subject. Hence, for this semester I decided to restrict child labor to a specific  area, Hyderabad  India. There, I closely witnessed the exploitation of these children and can connect with them through my paintings.”

Child worker new

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