Animation Focus

Utilizing a structure rare in the United States, this exciting program draws its inspiration from the way artists actually work. The project-based, multidisciplinary program is designed to develop not just your artistic skills, but also your skills in planning, communications, and leadership. This structure is the perfect environment for filmmakers who often need to collaborate with other types of artists. The MFA program has a strong working relationship with our established undergraduate animation department which has sent many animators into the industry over decades.

This program is ideal artists with a prior background in animation and also to cross over artists who will be able to integrate the tools of other disciplines, such at video, painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, creative writing into contemporary animated works that may take the form of short narratives, animated documentaries, stop motion, installation or projection art. Students in the MFA program in the visual arts have used animation as a way to explore their practice as it relates to animation. Our program emphasizes development of technical, aesthetic and conceptually based work where you will find your own voice in the animation medium.

You will work closely with the animation department’s award winning faculty. Faculty members have not only won Emmy’s and Telly Awards, but also work on numerous television and feature film projects including The Simpsons, Disney features, and SNL shorts. Additionally, faculty have screened their work in festivals around the world. CCAD’s extensive animation facilities include multiple Cintiq labs, Toonboom Certified labs, stop motion camera lab, 3D printing and laser cutting stations, as well as any other equipment across the college depending on the needs of your project.

Connections with working professionals and alumni are strongly fostered with regular interaction on campus and through distance learning.  You will work closely with faculty to secure an internship in your field of interest, or to do an independent project to enhance your portfolio. Whether you’re looking to get into television animation, video games or independent animated film-making, CCAD can help guide you towards your goal through an animation focused MFA in Visual Arts.

Full Time Faculty
 BFA and MFA Alumni
Dan Scanlon Nathan Greno Saul Blinkoff
Bert Poole Ben Lane Shane Sowell
Steve Umbleby Pablo Smith Bruna White
Tyler Bolyard Chris Campbell Chris Oatley
Alex Alvarado Darren Simpson Nick Burkard
Thom Glick Beth Wollman Amy Lewis
Animation Focused Coursework

2D Track:

2D Fundamentals ANIM2201
2D Animation Techniques ANIM3202
2D Character Animation ANIM3203

3D Track:

3D Fundamentals ANIM2303
And pick two from this list:
Modeling and Surfacing ANIM3303
Animation and Sim ANIM3313
Lighting and Comp ANIM3323

Experimental Track:

Experimental Animation ANIM2101
2D Fundamentals ANIM2201
or 3D Fundamentals ANIM2303
Experimental Animation Projects ANIM3101

Drawing Intensive:

Cafe Sketch ANIM3503
Layout and Timing ANIM3501
Drawing for Story ANIM3504

If you have experience in animation:

Any 3000 level animation class
Animation Lab Pipeline  (senior capstone pre-vis) ANIM4604
Animation Lab Production (senior capstone production) ANIM4604